About us

We have been a group of professionals in the customs area since Spain fully joined  the EU,  over 20 years' experience speak for us; at that time we understood that we had to fill an incomprehensibly existing gap in our professional environment. That was the reason why we set up an agency which we wanted  to go far beyond the mere Customs Agency by implementing, in the same firm, an arrangement  allowing comprehensive coverage to the foreign trade departments in the importing and exporting companies.

Our concept of what a customs representative should be like brings about the idea of what our services mean to our clients as well as a close liaison with their foreign trade  departments.

We embrace their problems and we make them ours; it is our purpose to solve those problems ensuring objectivity, clarity and transparency.

Not only do we want to be just brokers between our clients and the various administrative bodies, but we also strive to become those allies helping them with their daily decisions and foreign trade tax transactions, defending their interests, providing solutions and always searching for the greatest legal certainty.

We have been trying to meet these requirements since we were established in 1993, as we consider them the  commitment to quality and professionalism which should be legitimate in every business relationship.