You will find our offices right opposite Customs.


From Spain

Export lorries should leave the AP7 highway at exit 2 – the last exit in Spain. Once on the main road N-II, drive some 2 Km towards France as far as the customs area. We are  on your right, opposite the Customs building.  The export  parking lot is at your disposal at about 150 m.

From France

Import lorries should leave the AP7 highway at exit 1 – the first exit in Spain.We offer a big parking lot free for lorries right after the toll area. The entrance to the customs area is in 500 m.

ADR Goods

Do not forget that ADR goods must not leave the highway. Should they need to be dispatched at our office, drivers must leave these goods at the AP7 highway parking lot and bring the  documents of release to our offices.


We are currently working to reach an agreement with the authorities so the goods under Customs supervision can leave the highway to be supervised. We will inform you when operational.