• Do you know what you buy and sell?
  • Do you know their origin?

We will set up your international logistics departments with the above questions, whose answers are certainly going to be affirmative.

Yet, let's ask those questions from a different perspective.

  • What is the tariff classification of the merchandise which is bought and sold?

Being classified under different items will imply higher or lower taxes, duties and obligations, prohibitions, inspections, etc...

  • Which is the origin of the traded goods?

Most customs problems are due to irregularities in the declarations of preferential origin, among others, which could lead to dire economic consequences.

Wow!  Doubts arise.
Please note that the greatest legal certainty in your transactions among other issues is crucial. A Masters Degree in customs legislation is unnecessary although the minimum amount of knowledge  is required to be able to manage day-to-day transactions. We therefore offer you the possibility to have this training at home, custom-made, far from general speeches, where the difficulties in your company can be openly explained and the right answers found.