What we offer?

The services we offer could make a very long list; however, we prefer to reveal ourselves as the partner who will always guide you in your foreign trade transactions as well as in the strategic decisions involving tax issues.

We would be lying if we claimed that we know everything; nobody knows everything. Do flee from those advisers who say so, as it is them who come to us, professionals, on numerous ocassions. We are no better or no faster, but  we do understand that your time is our time in the same way as your commitments are also ours.

Not only do we offer customs clearance, counselling, Intrastat, but also ongoing training in your international departments. The more informed your departments are, the better and more fluent  our business relationships and further transactions will be.

What we have in mind is to provide your transactions with the greatest legal certainty  in order to prevent any future disappointments.